If your office area needs to be modified, rearranged, or repaired, you can submit a LFPD work request to have the necessary work done. Your request will be evaluated, given a category assignment, and added to the LFPD workload.

Jobs requests brought to the LFPD are often specific to one individual. However, each staff member is cross-trained to be able to maintain all departmental services when others are out of the office. The office is staffed by at least one individual at all times during normal working hours. If the specific person you need is not in the office, be sure to ask the employee on duty for help. We will, at least, get the message to the right individual.

The individual responsibilities of our staff are as follows:

  • Director: Manages department work-load, development and planning of Library construction projects, and acts as liaison between private contractors and library staff.
  • Facilities Assistant: Manages work request tickets (grover). Handles building card/key access, vehicle use and maintenance, guest parking, ergonomics and general maintenance.
  • Publications Specialist: Manages property and printing.
  • Maintenance Generalist II: Handles electrical and other general maintenance.
  • Maintenance Assistant: Handles general maintenance.
  • Mailroom Manager: Manages mailroom, delivery of mail and courier service.

Construction Projects

There is usually some part of the Library System’s 900,000+ square feet of building space under construction or renovation at any given time. This work is frequently done by private contractors. These contractors are given explicit instructions on the rules of doing business on campus and the expected conduct of their employees. It is imperative that these contractors be given access to all the areas included in these projects. Small inconveniences for Library staff may occur due to this construction and should be tolerated. However, your safety and health should not be compromised. It is the goal of this department to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for staff and patrons throughout the duration of these construction projects. If you notice any unsafe or intolerable conditions, contact the LFPD immediately at 273-2575! The LFPD is the primary liaison between the University Libraries and contractors.


Requests for remodeling or renovations come directly from the Directors office. If your area is in need of renovations or remodeling, discuss your ideas with your department head. These ideas can then be presented to the Director by the department head for consideration and planning.


Maintenance on Library facilities is a daily process. There are many areas in our facilities that are not up to new construction standards. Each of these areas is a concern for the LFPD and is being considered as part of the overall plan to bring the building quality up to an acceptable level. Requests for maintenance in your area should follow the LFPD Work Request guidelines.


Occasionally, problems occur that need to be addressed immediately. These requests should be called in directly to the LFPD, 273-2575, as an EMERGENCY!