Printing & Graphics

The LFPD Printing Division has one of the most up-to-date, small printing facilities on campus. We are able to print everything from standard library handouts to full color brochures and posters.


Print jobs are initiated through a Grover ticket and must be approved by your department chairperson prior to submitting to the Printing Division. The best way to deliver your print job is by Grover. Please contact Barbara Hood for layout and design help.

Standard Library Forms

There are many forms used in the University Library System. Masters of all the standard forms are kept on file in the printing office. However, we do not stock any forms. Forms are only printed on request. Keep track of your supply and order accordingly. Try to allow at least two full working days for your order to be completed.

Business Cards

Business cards are available to A & P personnel and Faculty upon request. Business cards for other Library personnel must be approved by the appropriate Director.

Special Print Jobs

Special print jobs are those unusual jobs that require full color printing, layout and design work and/or are large scale print jobs. Please be sure to allow ample time to allow for the full attention of the layout artist.